44 Unbelievable Storage Under Staircase Ideas Bewitching Your Staircase Look Clever

Feel bored with the staircase in your house?

The staircase of the house does take up a lot of space, and certainly will leave a small space. But that small space will be in vain if not used. Surely you know the harry potter’s room. Yes, he was given a small bedroom under the stairs of the house by the Dursleys, really sad.

The bedroom is too small if it’s under the stairs of the house, except for the house stairs that you have as big as the stairs at the mall. For those of you who have stairs and want to maximize their functions. Relax, we have interesting ideas in make over space under staircase of the house more useful, of course, adding to the magic your stair in the house. Following this, there are some ideas that you can try, good luck and have fun. Warm greetings from us.

Whitworth Kelvin

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